Indian Army TGC Recruitment 2022

Indian Army TGC Recruitment 2022: Applications are invited from eligible unmarried Male Engineering Graduates for136th Technical Graduate Course (TGC-136) commencing in Jan 2023 at Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun for Permanent Commission in the Indian Army.Total Number of 40 vacant posts available to be filled under Bhartiya Sena Bharti 2022. Candidates who have passed the requisite Engineering Degree course or are in the final year of the Engineering Degree course are eligible to apply. The last date for online Registration to the Indian Army is 9th June 2022. Additional details about Indian Army Bharti 2022, Indian Army TGC Recruitment 2022, Indian Army Vacancy 2022, and Indian Army TGC Bharti 2022 are as given below:

Indian Army Vacancy 2022

Indian Army TGC Bharti 2022 : भारतीय सैन्या द्वारे प्रसिद्ध झालेल्या नवीन जाहिरातीनुसार येथे “136 वा तांत्रिक पदवी अभ्यासक्रम (TGC-136) ” करिता 40 रिक्त जागांसाठी उमेदवारांकडून अर्ज मागविण्यात येत आहे. ज्या उमेदवारांकडे संबंधित विषयामध्ये शैक्षणिक योग्यता असेल ते या भरतीस पात्र असतील. इच्छुक उमेदवारांनी या भरती संबंधित अधिक माहिती दिलेल्या लिंकवरून काळजीपूर्वक वाचावी व आपल्या पात्रतेनुसार अर्ज करावा…

  • कोर्सचे नाव – 136 वा तांत्रिक पदवी अभ्यासक्रम (TGC-136)
  • पद संख्या  – 40 जागा
  • शैक्षणिक पात्रता –BE
  • अर्ज पद्धती – ऑनलाईन
  • अर्ज करण्याची शेवटची तारीख – 9 जून 2022
  • अधिकृत वेबसाईट – 

रिक्त पदांची तपशील  – Indian Army TGC Vacancy 2022

Engineering Streams  (Listed in AI) Equivalent Engineering Streams 

(AICTE appd)

Civil  (a) Civil Engineering 

(b) Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering ) (c) Structural Engineering 

(d) Building Engineering and Construction (e) Building and Construction Technology (f) Civil and Rural Engineering 

(g) Civil Engineering and Planning 

(h) Civil Engineering (Construction Technology) (j) Civil and Infrastructure Engineering 

(k) Civil Technology 

(l) Construction Engineering 

(m) Construction Engineering and Management (n) Construction Technology 

(o) Construction Technology and Management (p) Geo Informatics  

(q) Civil and Environmental Engineering 

(r) Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering) (s) Civil Engineering Environmental and Pollution  Control 

(t) Environment Engineering 

(u) Environmental Engineering 

(v) Environmental Science and Engineering (w) Environmental Science and Technology (x) Civil Engineering(Public Health Engineering) (y) Environmental Planning

Architecture  (a) Architecture Engineering 

(b) Architectural Engineering 

(c) Architectural Assistantship 

(d) Architecture and Interior Decoration  

(e) Architecture Assistantship 

Mechanical  (a) Mechanical Engineering 

(b) Mechanical (Mechatronics) Engineering (c) Mechanical & Automation Engineering (d) Advance Mechatronics and Industrial Automation  Engineering

Electrical/ Electrical &  Electronics (a) Electrical Engineering  

(b) Electrical Engineering (Electronics & Power) (c) Power System Engineering 

(d) Electrical & Electronics Engineering 

(e) Electrical & Electronics (Power System)

(f) Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (g) Electrical and Power Engineering 

(h) Electrical Instrumentation Engineering (j) Electrical Instrumentation & Control Engineering (k) Electrical, Electronics and Power

Computer Science &  Engineering/ Computer  Technology/ M. Sc.  Computer Science (a) Computer Engineering 

(b) Computer Science 

(c) Computer Technology 

(d) Computer Science & Engineering 

(e) Computer Science Engineering 

(f) 3-D Animation and Graphics 

(g) Advanced Computer Application 

(h) Computer and Communication Engineering (j) Computer Engineering and Application (k) Computer Networking 

(l) Computer Science and Technology 

(m) Computer Science and Information Technology (n) Computer Science and System Engineering (o) Computing in Computing 

(p) Computing in Multimedia 

(q) Computing in Software 

(r) Electrical and Computer Engineering 

(s) Electronics and Computer Science 

(t) Electronics and Computer Engineering (u) Mathematics and Computing 

(v) Computer Engineering (Software Engineering) (w) Computer Science & Engineering (Networks) (x) Nano Science & Technology 

(y) Artificial Intelligence 

(z) Machine Learning 

(aa) Data Science Programme 

(ab) Nano Technology 

(ac) Robotics & Automation 

(ad) Automation & Robotics 

(ae) Mechatronics Engineering  

(af) M.Sc. Computer Science 

(ag) M.Sc. Computer Technology

Information Technology  (a) Information Technology 

(b) Information Science & Engineering 

(c) Software Engineering 

(d) Information and Communication Technology (e) Information Engineering 

(f) Information Science and Technology 

(g) Information Technology and Engineering (h) M.Sc. Information Technology 

(j) M.Sc. Information and Communication  Technology

Electronics &  


(a) Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering  (b) Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering  (Technologynician Electronic Radio) 

(c) Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering  (Technology in Electric Radio) 

(d) M.Sc. Electronics & Telecommunication 

Electronics &  


(a) Electronics & Communication Engineering (b) Electronics & Electrical Communication  Engineering 

(c) Communication Engineering 

(d) Applied Electronics & Communications (e) Electronics & Communication (Communication  System Engineering) 

(f) Electronics & Communication Engineering 

(industry Integrated) 

(g) Electronics & Communication Engineering  (Microwave) 

(h) Advanced Communication and Information  System 

(j) Advanced Electronics and Communication  Engineering 

(k) M.Sc. Communication 

(l) M.Sc. Microelectronics & Advanced  


Aeronautical/ Aerospace  (a) Aeronautical Engineering 

(b) Aerospace Engineering 

(c) Aero Space Engineering 

(d) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Electronics  (a) Electronics Engineering 

(b) Power Electronics & Drives 

(c) Power Electronics 

(d) Power Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (e) Electronics and Power Engineering  

(f) Digital Techniques for Design and Planning (g) Electronics Science and Engineering 

(h) Electronics and Control Systems 

(j) Electronics and Electrical Engineering (k) Electronics Design Technology 

(l) Electronics System Engineering  

(m) Electronics Technology 

(n) Radio Physics and Electronics 

(o) Electronics and Biomedical Engineering (p) Optics & Opto Electronics 

(q) Electronics & Telemetric Engineering 

(r) Electronics and Telematics Engineering

Electronics &  



(a) Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering  (b) Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering (c) Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering  (d) Instrumentation & Control Engineering  (e) Instrumentation Technology 

(f) Instrumentation & Electronics 

(g) Instrumentation Engineering 

(h) Electronics Communication & Instrumentation  Engineering

Production  (a) Production Engineering  

(b) Product Design & Development 

(c) Production Engineering & Management  (d) Production & Industrial Engineering


Industrial/Manufacturing/  Industrial Engg & Mgt

(a) Industrial Engineering  

(b) Industrial Engineering & Management  Engineering  

(c) Industrial & Production Engineering  

(d) Industrial / Manufacturing Engineering  (e) Industrial Engg & Mgt Engineering  

(f) Manufacturing Engineering  

(g) Manufacturing Engineering & Technology (h) Manufacturing Process & Automation Engineering  (j) Manufacturing Science & Engineering  (k) Manufacturing Technology

Automobile Engg  (a) Automobile Engineering 

(b) Automobile Maintenance Engineering 

(c) Automotive Technology 

(d) Mechanical Engineering (Automobile)

(e) Mechanical Engineering (Industry Integrated) (f) Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing  Engineering) 

(g) Mechanical Engineering (Production) 

(h) Mechanical Engineering (Welding Technology) (j) Mechanical Engineering Automobile 

(k) Mechanical Engineering Design

Total  40

How to Apply for Indian Army Technical Graduate Course Bharti 2022 :

  • Applications will only be accepted online on website
  • Candidates must submit only one online application.
  • The candidates are required to take out two copies of their application having Roll Number, 30 minutes after the final closure of the online application on the last day.
  • The last date for online Registration to the Indian Army is 9th June 2022

अधिक माहिती करिता कृपया दिलेली PDF जाहिरात वाचावी.

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